Do You Really Need a Website?

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Yes, you do need a website! Whether you are a start-up or even a business generating a fair amount of income every month you DO need a website. Your website is a marketing tool for your business to reach a potentially wider audience. This marketing tool can be highly effective and be very cost-effective. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider investing in one.

An Online Brochure

As your business grows, compiling and distributing brochures is the way to go. However, you spend millions on this and a website can cut this out completely. Whatever services you deliver or products you sell most people will first go to your website before contacting you. When getting customers through personal connections and networking they would want to look at your website.

New Business

In a study done by the Global Digital Report in January 2018, research shows that over 4 billion people now use the internet. Over 2.4 billion use it on a daily basis and over 90% of those purchase something online. How is that not a potential market to take advantage of? Get in there and take a piece of the pie.

24/ 7/ 365

Most business hours are from 08h00 – 17h00 while your website works throughout the year. No matter when or where your customers will be able to see what your business is all about. They’ll also be able to contact you with the necessary contact details provided to them. Never miss out on a possible lead to make more profit for your business. Be there for your customers and give them a few options on how to contact you.

Communication is Key

Don’t just provide them with contact details but update them about your products or services. Writing blogs is a good way to remind your customers that you are there. Tell them about your products on offer, services, events, images etc. Keep them up to date with the latest news related to your kind of business. Make them want to read more and go to your site.

The Best Marketing Tool

A whole new marketing platform opened when the internet was born. You could start communicating with people from all walks of life at a fraction of the cost. From giving out flyers at traffic lights you can now send monthly mailers. Reaching more people has never been easier with low-cost marketing techniques.

Personalised email

As soon as you set up your domain you will be able to create your own personalised email address. You will look more professional when you have an Yes, we know you love your account but this won’t speak to your customers.

Compete with Competitors

Having a website will help you to get listed and ranked in search engines. When people are looking for cupboards and you sell cupboards, you will start showing as a potential business. Having a properly structured website will give you credibility. People would want to buy from you. Having a website makes your business look professional and makes you look like the real deal.

Every business needs a website. Displaying what your business has to offer is a must. When people start getting to know your business they will want to know more. Even if you have a one-pager listing all your services, it is a start.

Here at PACT Marketing & Media, we want to give you a modern, professional, SEO optimised and mobile-friendly website for your business.

From only R350.00 per month (T&C apply) we can provide you with:

  • 5 pages
  • Hosting
  • 10 Email accounts
  • SEO Optimised
  • Web Security
  • 1 Hour Free Maintenance
  • Fully customised and mobile friendly Website Design
  • New Domain Registration and Set up
  • Up to 20 email account registrations
  • Annual Domain Renewal
  • Monthly Hosting
  • Unlimited Web Traffic
  • 3GB storage
  • Up to 5 hours allowable maintenance per month*

We help your business with online presence by creating you a website that displays all your business’ products and services. We want to help you reach more customers through your website and generate you more business. Contact PACT on 072 322 4544 |

We also offer Branding, Designing and Marketing.

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