Benefits of Social Media

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In 1997 the first recognisable social media site was created. Since then it’s grown exponentially. Popular sites like Facebook have reached over 2167 million users, Instagram 800 million users and Snapchat over 225 million users.

Why wouldn’t you want to get involved on these platforms?

Over 3 billion people today use at least one of these platforms to engage with others. They also use these platforms to engage with other brands and businesses. More brands are being followed than celebrities.

If you’re not using this inexpensive, fast and effective way of marketing your business you are missing the point.

Brand awareness through Social Media

You can now reach new and also targeted audiences when over half the world’s population are at your disposal. Most people don’t only connect with brands they know. Over 60% of Instagram users have said that they discover new products on Instagram.

Humanize your brand

Show the human part of your brand. Engage with all your customers and potential new ones. People want to see the real-world- proof of your business. Does it keep its promises and stand by its values? Are you interested in your customers and employee’s needs? The products you sell and services you deliver, does it really work?

Introduce your customers to the people working behind the scenes and who are keeping your company together. Sneak a peak of how you make your products. Share customer reviews and satisfactory reports. Get involved in the community. Real human connections I a must and something your audience would enjoy.

Traffic to your website

Not only do more people follow, comment, share and like your posts but they will go to your website.

When you are spreading the news about your products through announcements, blogs and specials social media will be the place to start. When you are posting you would want your followers to read more. So taking them to your site is the best way to go. More traffic to your website will increase brand awareness which can lead to potential customers.

Participating in social chats will get people chatting about topics related to your business. Engage weekly or even daily to increase your chances of your audience taking the time to talk to you. Without being too promotional you can start a conversation which people would enjoy to talk about. If they want to learn more about your business make sure your website address is included in all your profiles.

Promotional content

Social media ads have become a very easy and effective way to quickly reach your necessary targeted audience. Without spending too much you can save a whole lot of money through online promotions on social media.

Get your well-researched and original content seen by people who would recognise your talent while proving your expertise. Share and build your audience as you go.

Managing your reputation

Social media is a platform everyone uses to talk about themselves, others and even businesses. Whether it was a really good experience or a negative one be vigilant that it might just end up on these platforms. If you and your team are lucky enough to stumble upon these posts you can highlight positives and quickly sort out the negatives.

When stumbling upon negative comments one should always tell the companies side of the story in a calm and respective manner. If someone is praising your efforts, plenty of thanks should be sent while highlighting their kind words.

Communicating in a crisis

As your business grows you will acquire more customers and more social engagement. Some might lead to your brand being highlighted in negative light involving the public, political, spiritual and ethnical views. When things like this happens, quick is action is needed to address the situation. Much like Starbucks when they had an incident early April.

After their apology, they also managed to follow up with a few more incidents that were also placed on social media. They also announced that their stores will close for a day for racial-bias training. After over 100 000 posts in 3 days using the hashtag #BoycottStarbucks their brand took a serious knock. The consequences of this situations could’ve definitely been worse if immediate action wasn’t taken.

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