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Before sending me your project and to allow me to supply you with a comprehensive quotation, you can streamline the process by letting me know in advance:

  • The amount of typing or audio recordings you have.
  • For dictation work, what is the recording situation, for example, is it dictation of a report, a recording of a lecture or a one-on-one interview, or a multi voice meeting with many participants. Also, for transcription work please let me know what physical format it will be in: cassette, digital files.
  • The total amount of recorded audio hours you need transcribed, for example, 30 minutes; or 2 hours; or ongoing work; etc.
  • The timeline for when you will be sending your project.
  • The format of the work. If typing, is it handwritten, or typed, for example.
  • Time constraints for when you need your work back.
  • The format in which the transcription or typing should be delivered, electronic copy and/or hard copy, for example. If electronic, I can provide it in both MS format and PDF.

Examples of the work I do, include:

  • Business letters, executive papers, proposals, quotations, presentations, spreadsheets and more.
  • Family history, preserving letters, diaries or journals. By putting these documents in electronic format these can be saved from loss.
  • Memoirs, novel or manuscripts. Whether you’re sending your work out for publication or simply want to share it yourself, I can do your typing and leave you more time for writing. This is a great way to pass on your stories and pictures to your family and friends.
  • Retype PDF documents, books or other printed documents. PACT can retype your PDF, printed book or pages and save you the time. I can make any necessary changes and republish it in PDF or MSWord format for you.
  • Type your list of recipes, addresses or contacts. I can produce a sortable address list or a mailing list for you. Let me set up the spreadsheet or database so that you can easily manage and add to your information in the future. In a spreadsheet your data can be easily sorted or recalculated.
  • Children’s educational pages, such as alphabet, counting, multiplication charts, perceptual worksheets, colouring pages and more.

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